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This is the 2nd area of a 3 part short article explaining a lorry’s a/c system, exactly how it works, and just how repair services are typically executed. Suppose your trusted repair service facility carries out an air conditioning evaluation or medical diagnosis and establishes that your car could be low on freon/refrigerant. In that case, it is also more than likely that you have developed a leakage somewhere in the a/c system. Since freon/refrigerant is in an aeriform state when it leaves its covered control, it can sometimes be a little tough to locate the origin of that leakage.

The typical method includes a fluorescent dye into the air conditioning system and sufficient freon/refrigerant to operate the cooling system to an utterly pressurized state and distribute the color throughout the system. Then a technician utilizes a special UV light and glasses to evaluate all the lines, links, and components of the air conditioning system for any color dripping from them. A pinhole leak can be very challenging to determine given that it is such a slow leakage, as well as it might take a period for the a/c system to operate before it can be determined. The a/c system might seem to have lost its cooling down performance suddenly, yet that may be because the system pressure has ultimately shed enough
stress and ability that the controls of the a/c system have shut down the system.

Throughout the medical diagnosis and leak discovery section of an a/c system, a service technician or repair work center may recommend either completing the system with air conditioning freon/refrigerant or carrying out a complete evacuate and recharge of the system when the fluorescent color is added. Both of these choices can make it possible for the a/c system to run and provide trendy air once more to the vehicle’s cabin for some time. But remember, neither service involves an irreversible fixing or fix of the cooling system if it is leaking.

A top-off of you’re a/c system entails just including some freon/refrigerant right into the lorry’s a/c system. This is a cheaper procedure than a total evacuation and recharge. Still, a technician has no chance of determining precisely how much freon/refrigerant is currently in the a/c system and also needs to count on his experience to guess how much freon/refrigerant is to contribute to the system. The drawback of this procedure is that overcharging or running a system in an undercharged state can damage the a/c compressor. A discharge and recharge service consists of getting rid of whatever continuing to be freon/refrigerant is in your vehicle, together with any air as well as wetness, into a piece of recycling equipment. Then when the system is reenergized with freon/refrigerant, the professional will be able to use the exact amount of cooling agent advised by the vehicle’s maker. This is once again a more pricey procedure but is much more accurate.

To appropriately repair the a/c system for long life, every one of the elements that reveal evidence of dripping demands to be repaired or replaced. The system requires any staying freon/refrigerant evacuated from the system before the work can be done and recharged with the appropriate quantity of cooling agent and oil upon completion to function correctly.

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